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What’s in the report?

  • SEO Tips
  • Desktop and Mobile Website Speed
  • Keyword Density and Consistency
  • Usability Insights
  • Security Information
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Content and Social Media Marketing Advice
  • Recommendations
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Why you’ll want this report

Are you searchable?

Are you searchable?

SEO rankings are the number one factor driving traffic to your website. What’s preventing users from finding you on search engines?



How fast is your website on a desktop or laptop computer? What about on mobile? Site speed is incredibly important, especially for mobile as more and more users (over 50%) will view your site on a smartphone or tablet.

Organic vs Paid

Site Structure and Usability

Your website structure is important for SEO and user experience. The report will address any inconsistencies in your site structure and provide advice for improving the user’s experience on your website.



What other paths, such as backlinks – links from other websites back to yours – do people take to get to your website? Is your website an island with no backlinks? What websites are linking to yours? Are these websites you trust?

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